The Pool will open soon !
Pool season hours of operation
May 18th 4-8 pm, 19th & 20th 10-8 pm
May 25th 4-8 pm, 26th & 27th 10-8 pm
May 28th 10-8 pm
(Memorial Day Buffet 10-8 pm)
May 29th- August 5th
Monday 10-2 pm
Tuesday -Sunday 10-8 pm

Guest Policy
In-town guests are permitted only on Monday and Thursday during regular pool hours. Out of town guests are allowed during regular pool hours any day of the week. The fee for all guests is $10 per person which will be charged to the member's IHCC account.  All guests must be accompanied by a member and must sign in.  Cash will not be accepted.  Babysitters who accompany the children of members at the pool are not considered guests for purposes of this policy.
Please make sure your children know their member number.  They must know the account number to enter the pool area and to make purchases at the snack bar.  

For the safety of our children,
please drive carefully and slowly in parking lot,
especially around the pool area.

Please remember that disposable diapers are a must when your young children are in the pool.
Rain/Lightening Policy
If thunder or lightening occurs the pool must be closed for 30 minutes following the last thunder clap.  After 5 pm, if thunder or lightening occurs, the pool will be closed for the day.
Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and friendly atmosphere for IHCC members.

Members are requested to impress upon their children and their guests that all rules and regulations must be observed and that the instructions of the pool manager and his/her staff must be obeyed at all times.

All members, and their guests, must sign in at the pool registration desk.  The sign in sheets help track pool usage for future funding needs, staffing needs and decision making purposes.  The guest fees help fund wear and tear on the pool facilities.  When entering the pool facility please acknowledge yourself to the pool staff at the registration desk.

All guests entering the pool area must be accompanied by a member within the confines of the fenced in pool area during their guests entire stay at the pool.  Family that are not included under your membership category are considered a guest.  The guest fee ($10) will be applied to your membership account. 

The pool, or any of its facilities, may be closed temporarily for inclement weather, maintenance operations, health conditions, or any justifiable reason at the decision of the General Manager/Pool Manager.  In the event of inclement weather guest fees are non-refundable as we have no control over the weather.

No one is permitted in the pool area unless a lifeguard is on duty.

The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.  It is strongly recommended that valuables are not taken to the pool.

No pets are allowed in the pool area at any time.

No smoking is allowed in the pool area at any time.


The pool has plenty of chaise lounges, umbrellas, side tables and chairs.  Please do not reserve them without being present at the pool. 

Many trash receptacles are located in the pool area.  It is your responsibility to pick up your trash.

Members and guests shall provide their own towels at the pool.  Towels are not allowed in the swimming pool.

Swimmers are encouraged to shower and clean off prior to entering the pool.

Health & Hygiene

Only conventional and appropriate swimming attire may be worn in the swimming pool and surrounding area.  No cutoffs, thongs, or undergarments are permitted. 

Individuals with abrasions, lacerations or skin ailments may be prohibited from swimming in the pool when deemed necessary by the Lifeguard on duty, for health purposes.  All band aids shall be removed prior to entering the pool.

Please refrain from using the pool if you are ill.

Long hair should be pulled back and put into a hair tie prior to swimming.  Swimmers are required to remove all hairpins, or hair ornaments before entering the pool.


Children who are not completely potty trained are not allowed in the pool unless:
     a.  Child is wearing a swim diaper covered by rubber pants with a snug-fitting leg band (available at lifeguard desk), and:
     b.  Child is accompanied into the water by an adult.

Parents are expected to closely monitor their young children.  When accidents occur, the pool must be closed for 24 hours for cleaning.

Parents may not change diapers on the pool deck.  A table for this purpose is located in the Girls' Rest Room and the Boys' Rest Room.


Children 8 years of age and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The lifeguard stand is for lifeguard use only.

The lifeguard rescue tubes are not toys.  No one is allowed to play with them at any time.

Head lifeguard or pool management must approve pool toys.

Power water guns are not allowed.

Running, rough play and wrestling are not permitted in or around the pool area.

Only one person at a time is allowed on the slide.  Make sure splash area is clear before sliding.  No playing under the slide.  No running up the stairs.

Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.  Upon diving, the diver must immediately swim to a ladder or shallow part of the pool.  No playing of any nature is permitted in the diving area.

Tennis balls or any other hard projectile objects are not to be thrown in or around the pool.

Lifeguards and Club staff are working for your safety and enjoyment.  Members, guests and children are expected to show respect for the Club staff and display proper conduct while at the Club.  Behavior such as poor language, disrespect for the Club property and disregard of the Club rules will not be tolerated.  Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

Club professionals and management have been given the authority by the Executive Committee to indefinitely suspend children (1) when they break rules and regulations; (2) when damage of Club property or bodily injury has occurred; or (3) when, in professional's or management's opinion bodily injury or property damage is threatened or likely.

Serious infractions will be dealt with by the Executive Committee and the parents of the child.